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Will Mumpreneurs Ever Rule the World?


Let’s paint a picture. You are a brand new mum, looking after your adorable baby, but you also have your other baby to care for – your new startup idea. You’ve been planning for months and the systems are in place – the office is in the living room, the baby cot next to your desk, and you will deliver on projects and take important calls during nap time. You’ve worked out the numbers, and with no commute and no childcare costs, running your business from home is the perfect solution. You’ll have time to build your entrepreneurial career and you won’t sacrifice a moment with your little one. It’s almost perfect.

While working from home does provide more flexibility and can seriously reduce the time you spend commuting, working exclusively during nap time and after bedtime really isn’t sustainable — personally or professionally

Georgiana Collins, Managing director at DEGW North America, Huffington Post

Well, Almost …

The happy mumpreneur working from home is more of a myth than reality. What you are likely to experience is days full of chaos and distractions, where your child crying interrupts important calls, and between house chores and mum duties your projects never get done.

So, How Can You Manage Your Business and Care for Your Small Child?

There is one ideal option that could make running your startup and looking after your baby easier than you can imagine – coworking with creche facilities. Big cities, like London, have plenty of coworking spaces available, and now there is a growing trend of nurseries with working spaces. You can work in a professional environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals, and your baby will be well-looked after in the creche next door (usually just one floor away from you or in close proximity to the building).

How Do Coworking Spaces Work?

The concept behind coworking spaces is nothing short of genius. It’s like airbnb, but for business. There are plenty of coworking spaces in London where small businesses or freelancers can hire offices or just desk-space to run their business. Why not take a look at a few here.

The best part of working in a coworking space is that they are very flexible, making it affordable and approachable for startups. You can rent workspace on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. The coworking spaces with childcare facilities are very unique and vary from ‘pop-up’ spaces with a crèche and cafe/workspace or permanent spaces with childcare and offices under one roof.

The coworking spaces with crèche facilities are specifically designed for parents. They are creative spaces that combine a child-friendly environment with a professional working space, customised to fit around the busy day of a mum (or dad) preneur.

Since coworking spaces with crèche facilities are an upcoming trend and a little harder to find, here are a couple of great places to look out for in London:

PlayPen – a ‘pop-up’ coworking space opening soon in St Pauls Way Centre – Mile End, London. They offer a creche and cafe/workspace where parents can get a few hours to themselves to focus on work. Check out their facebook page here.

Third Door – are a workhub & nursery offering childcare and office facilities under one roof, in Putney, London. They focus on providing a learning and development environment for the little ones and a professional office space for the parents, in a convenient style, all under one roof. You can check out their website here.

Benefits Of Coworking Offices With Childcare Services

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits that coworking brings to the mumpreneur, to put it all into perspective:

So, will mumpreneurs ever rule the World’?

We think that with a healthy work/life balance, that mumpreneurs have as much chance as all the other ‘preneurs’ (dadpreneurs, the basic entreprepreneurs and even the childpreneurs)! And if you’re reading this in 2020, then I feel we should say “we told you so …”. The future is definitely flexible working.

If you are looking for a flexible workspace, or have one yourself, please click here to take a look at our website for some inspiration (and possibly find your perfect flexible coworking space).

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